Soulver Mini – a better calculator for your Mac


Soulver Mini is a fantastic quick calculator for your Mac. It is more useful than the traditional Mac calculator & much smarter the calculator built into Spotlight.

Soulver Mini uses the same calculation engine as its big brother, with a Spotlight-style interface you can access from the menu bar or from anywhere in macOS via global hotkey.

Soulver Mini can do...

  • Multi-line calculations
  • Percentages with natural phrases (42% of $900)
  • Calendar math (today + 3 weeks)
  • Built-in live & historical currency conversions
  • 200+ unit conversions & rates
  • Timezone conversions
  • Business day calculations (with accurate public holidays!)
  • Cooking calculations & proportions
  • Financial functions
  • And so much more…

You'll appreciate that Soulver Mini features...

  • A system-wide global keystoke
  • Access from your Mac's Menu Bar
  • The option to hide the Dock icon
  • The option to start on login
  • A toggle for floating above all windows
  • Light & dark modes
  • Multi-display support
  • Save to Soulver or to Plain Text

Looking for something similar, but with sheets you can save?

Soulver for Mac

(Also available on Setapp)

Soulver for iPad
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Soulver Mini is a better calculator for your Mac

At least macOS Big Sur or newer
macOS Ventura & Apple Silicon

Soulver Mini – a better calculator for your Mac

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